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Sochi Park's new extreme attraction will open soon!

The Perpetual motion machine will appear in Sochi Park this spring. This pendulum ride rotates 360 degrees.


Installation of the Perpetual Motion Machine has already begun. The new attraction of Sochi Park has collected all the extreme characteristics that will be appreciated by thrill-seekers: the effect of free fall, sharp rises to the height of a ten-story building at breakneck speed, and exciting 360-degree rotation. 24 seats are located on a rotating platform, the entertainment is designed for guests with a height of 140 cm. The manufacturer of the attraction is the Italian company Technical Park.

There are only two similar attractions in European parks, and the only pendulum in Russia with a full rotation of 360 degrees will be installed in Sochi Park.

The perpetual motion machine is the fourth in the family of extreme attractions in Sochi Park. Let us recall the top entertainment of the first theme park - this is a giant high-speed inverted boomerang Quantum Leap , the longest American slide Zmey Gorynych and the highest free fall tower Firebird .

Visiting Sochi Park is free for guests of the Bogatyr Castle Hotel.