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01/19/2021 04:26:00 pm
Lovely hotel

The hotel is lovely stylish and clean, the service is excellent. My daughter broke her leg on a snowboard, so the hotel provided a stroller and other assistance, created all the amenities. The hotel was above expectations, highly recommended. It is clean, comfortable, stylish, excellent service and infrastructure, there is an exit to Sochi Park.

01/18/2021 10:37:00 am
I liked the breakfasts and dinner very much, although they were in Adler in many hotels. The security and reception are perfect!
01/11/2021 04:33:00 pm
Great room
The room is great. Attentive but not intrusive attitude of the staff. Good assortment of buffet meals. The food is well prepared.
Rukizhat Uzalova
01/11/2021 09:32:00 am
The fairytale castle
This is not an ordinary hotel, but a fairytale castle! It is very pleasant that we have such a place to return to. There are master classes for children, entertainment programs, an outdoor pool with warm water and, of course, tickets to Sochi Park, which are included in the price. Children are constantly busy with something useful or entertaining.