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Bogatyr Hotel

Accommodation policy

  1. The service of the hotel are provided by the JSC "Sochi-Park" locate at the following address: 354349 Russian Federation, Sochi, Nizhneimeretinskaya Lowland, Olympic Avenue, 21. The JSC "Sochi-Park" is registered on the territory of Russian Federation and abides the law of Russian Federation. The work hours of the hotel and its departments and the check-out time are indicated in accordance with the Moscow time zone.
  2. The hotel provides service of temporary accommodation, food and other in accordance to the list of service, included into the accommodation rate. The service which is provided for an extra-cost is included in the price list and is provided in accordance with the price list.
  3. The rooms can be booked by phone call, fax, e-mail, or via internet. The booking is possible if there are free available rooms at the time of booking.
  4. The booking in the hotel is possible only if there are free available rooms of the requested category for the requested dates and accommodation period.
  5. The following types of reservations are made in Bogatyr Hotel:
    • Guaranteed booking is the booking that is guaranteed for the late arrival until 12 PM of the following day and the accommodation can be provided during the above mentioned period of time. The Hotel has a right to charge the cost of the first night in case of no-show and (or) absence of a written cancellation noticereceived by the hotel. In case of no-show for more than 24 hours the reservation is cancelled;
    • Non-guaranteed booking is valid until 4 PM of the arrival day. After 4 PM the hotel had the right to cancel the booking and resell the room.
  6. The reservation is valid from the moment the guest receives reservation confirmation. The reservation confirmation includes the following data: name of the supplier (Bogatyr Hotel, JSC Sochi Park), name of the guest, room category, room rate, reservation, payment and cancellation conditions, dates of stay, number of guests in the room.
  7. The accommodation in the hotel without the advanced booking is possible only if there are free available rooms for the accommodation period on the arrival day.
  8. The hotel does not set a maximum length of stay.
  9. The hotel registers citizens and affiles the documents to the migration control office.
  10. The consumers who are Russian Federation citizens are registered in the hotel in accordance with the Russian law (registration and deregistration rules for the Russian citizens on the Russian Federation territory, decree № 713 from July, 17, 1995).
  11. Foreign and stateless citizens are registered and deregistered in the hotel accordance with the Registration rules for the stateless and foreign citizens (decree № 9 from January, 2007).
  12. The minor children under 14 years old are registered in with their birth certificates and the identification documents of the parents or legal representatives.
  13. For the registration purposes during the check-in, the guest provides the following identification documents:

    For Russian Federation citizens:

    • Russian Federation citizen passport, identifying document of the citizen in the territory of the Russian Federation;
    • USSR citizen passport, identifying document of the Russian Federation citizen, before the replacement to Russian Federation citizen passport within the legal period.
    • Passport, identifying document of the Russian Federation citizen beyond the Russian Federation borders, — for persons who reside beyond the Russian Federation borders.
    • Birth certificate — for persons under the age of 14.

    For foreign nationals:

    • Passport of a foreign national or a statutory document certifying identity and recognized by the Russian Federation as such according to international convention;
    • Document issued by a foreign state recognized by the Russian Federation in accordance to international convention as a document identifying a stateless citizen;
    • Documents confirming the right to use the accommodation for a stateless citizen;
    • A temporary residence permit for a stateless citizen;
    • Migration card and visa (amounting to documents).

    The hotel reserves the right to refuse with the accommodation if the above documents are not provided.

  14. Checkout time at the hotel is 12:00 pm (noon). Accommodation is available from 14:00. Early arrival is not guaranteed and can be only subject to availability.
  15. In case the guest arrives earlier than standard check-in time, the guest can check —in earlier upon availability at the following conditions:
    • From 12 AM to 2 PM — half of a daily rate;
  16. In case of late check-out guests will be charged additional cost according to the following rules:
    • Late check-out until 18:00 — 50% of the price of room per night.
    • Late check-out after 18:00 — total price per room per night.

    Late check-out is provided upon availability.

  17. For stays of less than a day (24 hours), the guest is to be charged at a daily rate. The Hotel does not provide per hour accommodation.
  18. When accommodating a guest from 12 AM till standard checkout time, the guest should not be charged more than a half of a daily rate
  19. In accordance with the Federal Law of July 29, 2017 No. 214-FZ "On Conducting an Experiment on the Development of Resort Infrastructure in the Republic of Crimea, Altai Kray, Krasnodar Kray and Stavropol Kray" by the Krasnodar Kray Law No. 3690-KZ dated November 27, 2017 resort fee on the territory of Krasnodar Kray "and amending the Krasnodar Kray Law" On Administrative Offenses "individuals who have reached the age of 18, living in the accommodation facility for more than 24 hours, are not exempt from paying the resort fee, from July 16, 201 are required pay resort fee of 10 rubles per day for use of the resort of Sochi infrastructure. Resort fee is subject to transfer to the budget of the Krasnodar Territory and is not included in the price.

    Exemption from payment of the resort fee is carried out upon presentation of the original document to the Hotel confirming the right to exemption from payment of the resort fee, or a copy thereof, certified in the prescribed manner.

  20. Accommodation and additional services can be paid by guest by cash, credit card or bank transfer. The hotel accepts credit cards of MIR, Visa and MasterCard.
  21. With the consent of the guest payment of accommodation services can be made in full or in part in advance.
  22. During the check in guest also needs to deposit funds in the amount of 5000 (five thousand) rubles as a guarantee of payment of additional hotel services. In case when the deposit is expended, the hotel reserves the right to require the guest to pay an additional amount for a deposit to guarantee the payment of future expenditures of the guest.
  23. The guest assumes a right to get a token for a towel, which can be used at the beach and outdoor pool area, after providing a 500 rubles deposit for a probable loss of the token. During the check out the deposit shall be refunded after the guest returns token and provides a bill and receipt for the deposit.
  24. During the check in guest gets a guest card and an electronic key.
  25. To use a beach equipment of the hotel (sunbeds and beach umbrellas) guest has to provide the guest card.
  26. The rate includes breakfast "Buffet". The breakfast is served from 07:00 to 11:00.
  27. The "Buffet" service is provided:
    • to guests whose rate includes "Buffet" after providing a guest card;
    • to guests whose rate is room-only for cash or credit card payment;
    • to non-accommodated guests for cash or credit card payment.
  28. The "Buffet" service supposes food and beverage consumption provided at food service counter only at the territory of "Buffet" restaurant.
  29. It is prohibited to bring and consume food and beverages, which are not included in a "Buffet" range, at the territory of "Buffet" restaurant.
  30. It is prohibited to carry out food and beverages, provided at food service counter, from the territory of "Buffet" restaurant.
  31. The "Buffet" service is provided to guests with room-only rate after payment for the service.
  32. Presence of guests which haven’t paid for the service at the territory of "Buffet" restaurant is prohibited.
  33. It is strictly prohibited to visit the restaurants, bars, cafes and other public areas in bathing suits, coats, shorts, tracksuits and open shoes.
  34. It is strictly prohibited to bring and drink alcoholic beverages in bars and restaurants of the hotel.
  35. In accordance with article 12 of the Federal Law of 23.02.2013 № 15-FZ "On protection of public health from exposure to ambient tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption" smoking is prohibited in the hotel. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas.
  36. Guests can send their clothes to the laundry or dry cleaning. For this service it is necessary to fill out a form for washing and (or) a dry-cleaner, put the clothes and the form in the plastic bag and leave on the bed, or pass things and the form to the maid.
  37. The guest guests may invite the visitors to the hotel on the condition of their registration at the front office. The visitors staying in the hotel after 23.00 are registered as the guests accommodated in the hotel. The guest is responsible for his visitors.
  38. To maintain peace and order in the hotel, the high volume of audio and video devices, loud talks and making any noise which can distract other guests is prohibited during the period of time from 23.00 pm to 7.00 am.
  39. The guest must provide the staff of food and beverage department and spa-center the information about his or her health, any diseases or allergies. If there are any medical contradictions to the service, the hotel reserves the right to refuse the service. The hotel is not responsible for the guest’s state of health if the guest doesn’t provide the hotel with this information.
  40. The administration of the hotel is not responsible for the guests or visitors who swim in the swimming pool during the inappropriate time of its work.
  41. Parents or other legal representatives are responsible for life and health of their children during the period of stay at the territory and on the hotel premises.
  42. For safety reasons it’s not recommended to parents or other legal representatives to place children under age of 6 y.o. on the higher level of the bunk bed if it is provided.
  43. The guest must follow the fire-prevention and the sanitary rules and standards.
  44. In accordance with the article 925 of the Civil code of Russian Federation, the administration of the hotel is not responsible for any items left is the room or any other place of the hotel. To keep the valuable items it is recommended to use the safe-box in the room.
  45. A guest who has discovered the loss, shortage or damage of his belongings is obliged to immediately notify the administration of the Hotel. Otherwise, the Hotel is relieved of responsibility for the non-preservation of things.
  46. In accordance with the "Rules of use of the safe-box", the hotel is not responsible for the content of the safe-box. The guest should watch the content of the safe in order to avoid the damage than can be caused by the interactions of the items kept in the safe-box.
  47. To keep the personal items safe, it is recommended to keep the room door shut and avoid leaving the guest’s visitors alone in the room. It is recommended not to invite the unfamiliar and little know people or give the room key to third parties.
  48. Lost and forgotten items are kept in the "Lost and Found" department of the hotel. All valuable items (such as money, documents, credit cards, mobile phones, digital devices, jewelry) are kept during 6 months. Other items are kept during 3 months. The hotel doesn’t keep los underwear clothes, socks, stockings, panties, items of self-hygiene, cosmetics, food and drinks. The expenses of shipping and delivery of the lost or forgotten items are borne by their holder.
  49. For meetings, conferences and talks the hotel offers the use of conference hall, meeting rooms and banquet halls.
  50. The accommodation and visit of the public hotel areas with animals and pets is prohibited.
  51. The room cleaning and linen change is provided daily. The bed linen change in Standard rooms is provided every three days. In higher class rooms beginning with "Junior Suite" the bed linen change is provided daily. The cleaning is not provided if the sign "Do not disturb" is on the door or the red lighting button is turned on.
  52. Professional photo sessions or video recordings on the territory of "Sochi-Park"/ Hotel "Bogatyr" are possible on condition of a prior agreement with press-cutting service of Sochi-Park and accompanying by the press-cutting service representative.
  53. The guests can contact the reception desk in person or by phone 24 hours a day, if they have any questions.
  54. Guests can get the list of services, price lists for paid services, complaints book, and information about the form and methods of payment of hotel service and other information at the reception desk

    The consumer is liable and compensates for damage in case of loss or damage due to his fault the property of the Hotel in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The value of damaged property of the Hotel to be reimbursed is determined according to the accounting records of the Hotel at the date of the damage.

  55. All points of dispute between the guest and the hotel are resolved through the negotiations, and in the absence of mutual agreement — in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Please, keep the rules and policies of the hotel Bogatyr!

We wish you a pleasant stay.