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Sochi Park

The best theme park*

Guests of the Bogatyr Hotel can visit Sochi Park for free.

The first theme park in Russia is a place where a fairy tale comes true.

On a territory of more than 25 hectares there are twenty modern attractions, many of which have no analogues in the country.


  • The entertainment center "Country of Medvedia";
  • The dolphinarium;
  • Interactive playgrounds;
  • Family cafes and restaurants.

21 attractions

5 playgrounds

Shows every day

Single ticket

Like the best world analogues Sochi Park runs the concept of single ticket so convenient for the visitors. It provides a full day of stay in the park, an unlimited number of rental rides on attractions, participation in master classes, relaxation on the playgrounds, visits to the dolphinarium and show performances — all this the guest receives for the price of one single ticket.

Theme lands

The territory of the park is divided into seven theme lands: Alley of Lights, Land of the Warriors, Land of Science and Fiction, Enchanted Forest, Sea Kingdom, Eco-Village and the Country Medvedia (Country of the Bear). Each of them has a unique design and themed amusement rides and attractions.

In the Land of Science and Fiction there is a Quantum Leap — the highest and fastest extreme roller coaster in Russia (58 meters, 105 km / h) and the restaurant «Roller« — the attraction restaurant where there are no waiters, and the ordered dishes arrive to each table by rail tracks from 12 meters height, passing steep turns and making »dead" loops.

In the Enchanted Forest the heroes of Russian fairy tales live: the fire-breathing Dragon Zmey Gorynych, who lives in the scary cave and the dizzy extreme attraction, goes right through his cave, also the magical Firebird and Baba Yaga.

Under the canopy of a magic oak tree, hidden from rain and wind, the Country of Medvedia (Country of the Bear) is located — this indoor entertainment center with a large playground for children and kids, a souvenir shop, special rooms for celebrations and the restaurant of family cuisine «Full Bear» (Sytiy Mishka) is ready to receive guests all year round, regardless of the weather.

Entertainments for everyone

Each guest of the Sochi Park regardless of age can find appropriate entertainment. For the kids there are children’s carousels and intellect-developing playgrounds are provided here, for older children there are family attractions and interactive games, for teens and adults — extreme roller coasters, slides and a Free-fall tower.

The entertaining program of Sochi Park will charm each guest with variety and richness. Performances in dolphinariums, illusion shows, puppet shows and theatrical performances, street music performances and various animations will amaze both children and their parents.

*The best outdoor amusement park with more than a million visitors a year according to the «Crystal Wheel 2019» international contest.

8 800 100 33 39 (toll-free in Russia) or +7 8622 41 77 77 (24/7)